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Milaneza Pasta Products


Penonni Rigate Dry Pasta Classic Fusilli Dry Pasta Classic Farfalle Tricolore Dry Pasta, TRICOLOR TIES FARFALLE TRICOLORE DRY PASTA GASTRONOMIC Very decorative, SPICY SPAGHETTI SPAGHETTI PICCANTE DRY PASTA GASTRONOMIC The flavor of the chilli arouses sensations. DAISIES WITH VEGETABLES DRY PASTA KIDS Vegetables are a source of vitamins, fibers and minerals, FUSILLI TRICOLORE FUSILLI TRICOLORE DRY PASTA GASTRONOMIC Fusilli Tricolore is the perfect type of pasta.


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Taramesh Holding Company incorporates the capabilities of the international companies, under exclusive partnership, distribution and integration. By doing so Taramesh Holding Company has been able to develop and set the bar high for its own locally manufactured products and services from the construction of several iconic residential and commercial buildings to the manufacturing of diverse products and the establishment of exciting and innovative entertainment enterprises such as unique restaurants and sport complexes. Benefiting from the highly valuable intellectual and pioneering capacity, knowledgeable human resources and a yearning to succeed and commence novel ideas and solutions.

Milaneza Pasta Products

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